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As much as I love mass communication, I cannot deny the passion that I have for photography. It is something that I have loved since childhood, when my mom would buy disposable cameras for special events. If there happened to be any extra shots on the camera, she would let me take pictures before she got them developed. When I got a little older, my grandfather bought his local newspaper, and my aunt assumed management. She also had a love of photography, and had a digital camera that she used to make content for the paper. When my family would visit, she taught me how to use the camera and would let me take pictures. Sometimes it was just having an impromptu photoshoot with my sister in the backyard, and sometimes it was actually taking pictures at events she would be covering for the paper. At age 11, I became a published photographer for the first time when she used a picture that I took at the annual rodeo.

I have had several cameras troughout the years, the majority of them point-and-shoots, getting an upgrade every few years. My latest upgrade was two Christmases ago when my parents were kind enough to buy me a Nikon DSLR. I have used this camera extensively since I've gotten it. My first semester at Texas State, I started a blog titled Hidden Places of Texas State, using the photography skills that I had picked up along the way to document the places on campus that are less known to people outside of the university. It not only gave me great places and great pictures, but I also knew campus in a more intimate way than I would have known if I had chosen a different blog topic.

I also volunteered that semester to be a photographer for Mass Communication Week, where I took stock photos for promotional purposes as well as photography of the different events and speakers. I gained more experience in event photography, as well as confidence in my skills. The fact that majoring in mass communication has only increased my oppotunities for photography is exciting, and I am looking foward to where it takes me in the future.

You can see more of my work below:

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